Ready….set….plan! By Hannah Stamey- February 19th, 2018


By Hannah Stamey

Seating Chart…is it really important?

Receptions will be your most costly and time consuming part of your whole day.  That’s why you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Seating charts for 50 or less guests? Not really needed. 100 or more guests? Yes! Why you may ask? Because you want to make sure everyone has a chair.  This is so important when you have a party of 4 and a party of 5 that want to sit together but the table only holds 8.  Then we have a situation where there is 4 chairs left empty and those guests end up wandering around the reception trying to find a place where they can sit together.  Having a seating chart eliminates all the confusion and chaos.
Here’s how to get started

You first need to create a “seating spreadsheet”.  Use columns to categorize all invitees by relationship then separate the lists into tables.

  • Bride’s Friends
  • Bride’s Family
  • Groom’s Friends
  • Groom’s Family

Next, draw out a diagram of your reception. It’s best if you get a big poster board and draw tables big enough so you can write their names or reference to numbers. It’s helpful before you send out your RSVPs that you MAKE SURE YOU WRITE A SMALL NUMBER TO THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER.  This will help you when they forget to write their name on the RSVP and you will still know who  said they were or were not coming.

Thirdly, decide who’s going to sit where.  On the layout you made on your poster board, use post-it notes with every guest’s name on it and place accordingly.  Here are some tips to take when placing people:

  1. Put an even number of people at each table! Most people tend to conversate in pairs.
  2. Put your “Partiers” near the dance floor.  They will definitely get things started right!
  3. Don’t put your single guests with a table full of Couples.  Awkward.
  4. Mix & Match your friends with your “soon to be “ spouse’s friends.
  5. If certain family members don’t get along, don’t seat them together- this is not a time to play peacemaker.
  6. Put people together with similar interests and ages.

Finally, decide who will sit at a table with you. Choices might include :

  • Just the two of you
  • You two and your bridal party
  • You two and your parents and family


Fun tip!

Instead of numbering your tables, add a layer of personalization by naming them. Choose something that fits your wedding theme or is symbolic of your relationship.

  • Places you have traveled
  • Sites in your city
  • Love words (bliss, romance, joy, etc)
  • Keywords from your relationship (the restaurant where you got engaged, etc )

To add another level of personalization, add a photo along with the name of your table of maybe the city you traveled , where you got engaged, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to read!!

Be sure to check out more blogs coming soon!


Hannah Stamey

Rex Allen Events

Event Manager

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